Relationship advice dating a married man

They cope with stress more successfully and are far more likely to be involved in their children’s lives than if they didn’t marry the mother.

Even divorce doesn’t put them off: on average, divorced men re-marry within 3 years of receiving their Decree Absolute, compared to 8 years for divorced women. The fact they often bear the financial brunt of divorce means they’re pragmatic about entering into a legal commitment. An ongoing study by Forbes magazine in the US revealed the traits men look for in a future wife, and this study provides some salient relationship advice for those looking to marry.

I have told him several times that we cannot continue talking to each other, and he tells me his relationship with his wife is OK.

He continues to contact me and tells me he wants me, but I don't know if he really likes me.

When a man finds a woman he believes will make an ideal partner through life, he’s down on one knee before you can say, ‘hey – what’s in the jewellery box, Romeo? Studies have shown that married men live longer, earn more money, enjoy more sex and have lower levels of depression than single men.

It still makes me feel chills like I’m a candle melting in front of many people when I saw the man that I used to think was mine having an affair with another woman.

I needed to be strong and was ready to fight to keep him. They knew that I was single and I was in the process of healing myself from the past. Actually I’ve never really been after good looks or whatever.

I’m a 21 year-old female living in the Philippines.

I work in one of the top advertising companies as a Researcher/Advertising Executive.

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