Pros and cons of dating younger women

In the past, people with varying ages and living together were frowned upon, but nowadays nobody blinks an eye.That’s the same thing with older women dating younger men."IF they say I'm too old for you, Then I shall answer `Why, sir, one never drinks the wine that's new, the old wine tastes much nicer!

The older women should know that they have unique qualities which make them fascinated to the younger men.

It makes them feel safe and secure and gives them a good feeling about their future.

The older man can benefit from her youth and energy.

Nowadays there are many couples where the woman is older and hence the society has given such relationships the name “cougar dating” which seems to be quite unkind.

Here are some reasons why older women are dating younger men: – may have realized that this type of dating is different from dating men who are their own age.

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    To think an older man will automatically be matured is a misconception on my part.

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