Hehe chat line down to earth dating service

An expression usually followed by "wanna fuck" as a very bad chat up line, which does often work.

The expression "Nice shoes..." can be said alone, with the hope the other person will realise what you are asking them, if they do and say yes, you've pulled, if they realise and say no, you say "i have no idea what you mean, i like your shoes".

He describes the various initialisms of Internet slang as convenient, but warns that "as ever more obscure acronyms emerge they can also be rather confusing".

t=114397481 Deleted RH Chat Thread *Anything not RH Related goes in here* Part Douche - Your defeatist attitude and lack of willpower pushes me harder to not be like you.

You can call me callous, egotistical, delusional or vain. But despite your detractions and insults, the fact of the matter is that Im doing what you wish you were, to one day become your complete antithesis.**** Atheist Alliance **** **Holds metal part of the car door awkwardly in order to avoid static shock crew** **Sometimes I have the girl version of wet dreams crew** **Anti-circumcision/Pro-foreskin crew** Yes... I went to pick up my youngest son from school today and I saw these hanging on the wall in front of my 11 year old's classroom...

The Overwatch Anniversary event commences May 23 alongside the release of the new Overwatch: Game of the Year edition and runs until June 12.

For information on previous in-game events have a look at our Overwatch Wiki.

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