Error updating certifier id

The solution is to copy the key from the Server ID file into this field of the Server document.

The good news is that the Administration Process (Admin P), makes it easier to roll out a name change for users.

Open Document The person in the 2nd link did a move in hierarchy and a rename.

This scenario can happen, for example, if the server had been recertified with the relevant (or even possibly different) Certifier ID.

Turn on the following settings in every Server document: - "Compare public keys against those stored in Address Book" 4.

Error updating certifier ID while recertifying any user on the Domino server.

Recertify existing user IDs and server IDs that have expired.

Containment Steps Next you should determine what steps can be taken to stop someone who holds the Certifier ID.

On the server side the configuration is as follows:- Check password on Notes IDs is enabled- In the configuration of the user document "Check password is Check password"But it seems that it does not work.Issue: User has been recertified as a simply renewal, a OU move, or a name change.This can be accomplished as follows: From the administrative client of the server: 1.In this case, we would delete the certificate /Acme under Server, Certificates, Notes Certifiers (Notes/Domino 5) or Configuration, Certificates, Notes Certifiers (Notes/Domino 6).Register a new Organization: Start up the Administration client, click the Configuration tab, Tools, Registration, Organization.

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