Dating people different ages

Men’s preferred minimum partner age: Let’s start with minimum age preferences reported by heterosexual men.Dating for different age groups Dating can be a challenge at any age group, but the issues vary according to which group you would pool yourself in.For the purpose of this article let’s say there are three groups.The first is if you are in the late teens to mid twenties; the second is if you are late twenties to mid forties and the last if you are around fifty and upwards.

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Q: Alright this is completely off subject, but I would really like to know your thoughts.

Aside from that scenario, however, is there any reason that a 30-year-old woman can find love with a 37-year old and not a 44-year-old? Knowing that there are men of that age who are in great shape, physically attractive, interesting and successful is there a reason to categorically exclude these men? And while most people aren’t as attractive as these, it is certainly possible to meet someone significantly older who is sexy and attractive. Women in their 50’s will often narrowly restrict their dating range because they have a fear of meeting and falling in love with an older man – and then having to deal with his health issues.

Men often pursue younger women, even if they aren’t interested in a family. Men certainly have a shorter average lifespan than women, but this doesn’t tell you anything about a particular guy.

The project reminds us a lot of Belgian photographer Edouard Janssens’s 1 to 100 Years Project, which used photography rather than video.

What is the acceptable minimum age for your own (and others’) dating partners?

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