Dating painted dials

The HRO main tuning dial was unlike any other - a non-illuminated micrometer device that displayed numbers behind small openings as the dial was rotated.Each of the coil sets had graphs that could be correlated to the micrometer readout to determine tuned frequency.The watch seen here is a reference 6610, which is the immediate predecessor to the 1016 (this particular example dates to the first quarter of 1958).While 6610s are practically never seen - some say that for every 20 1016 Explorers, there is one 6610 - they can be had between ,000 and ,000 based on condition.W9DXX, Alice Bourke, Chicago, IL ca.1935 - from Frank C. This interesting photo shows a very early HRO receiver with a PEAK Pre-selector to the left and a 1934 AGS-X receiver to the right.Alice Bourke was a reporter for the Chicago Tribune along with being very active in ham radio.

Should £1,500 be beyond your budget then don't despair as oak cased country clocks of 30 hour duration can be found selling at auction for less than £600.

I think the stepped dial -71’s are worth a little more now.

They are possibly quite rare on the market as there are less of them for sale than -69’s at the moment.

Most are of wide appearance being made between 18 in centres such as Wigan and Halifax.

An 8 day mechanism is the preferred and is easily recognisable by virtue of having two winding squares that pierce the dial, one winds the clock the other the bell strike.

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