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You can find more detailed information in our data protection declaration / Imprint.OK [ x ] The Techni Crypt »IR CI « is an Irdeto-CI module which is suitable for the decryption of Czech and Slovak programmes of the satellite TV provider "skylink".A dash cam sits on top of your dashboard and records everything it sees.You don’t have to be on the road all day every day to justify getting one as it’s just as likely to come in handy whether you are on a long journey or just heading out to the shops.

• Easy to use professional camera features**************************************************Use separate focus and exposure rings to easily control light in your shots. The microturbulent velocity is variable with depth in the star's atmosphere.The extreme hydrogen deficiency of XX Cam is confirmed. The abundances of other light elements are close to the abundances in the majority group of R Cr B stars.Swipe to change filters or use the full screen filter gallery.• Filters for videos**************************************************What’s more, all the filters can be used to record videos as well, that too in HD.• Short, snappy videos**************************************************Use Short Video to record videos in segments like never before.Apply a different effect in each segment to bring out the best in your videos.

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